3231 - Aireys Inlet

A little further from home than my usual posts, but I wanted to fill you in about a gorgeous little spot on the Great Ocean Road - Aireys Inlet.

Located about 125kms (2 hours) from Melbourne Aireys Inlet is within reach for a weekend getaway. We stayed at an Airbnb, although it was lovely I wouldn't recommend it as the owner was very overbearing with the rules! Is this a new trend - it feels like you have to do an end of lease clean after a two night stay? :) 

The Geelong Foreshore is a good spot for a quick stop if you're travelling with kids who need to stretch their legs. There is a little playground, a pier and of course lots of options for ice-cream.

We had dinner at Captain of Aireys. The wood fired pizzas were delicious! The restaurant was cozy and the staff were so friendly and welcoming. Make sure you book as it gets very busy! 

There are countless outdoor adventures you can undertake in the region. We felt like a bit of a hike, and had a hard time choosing between Erskine Falls and Sheoak Falls. In the end we went to Sheoak Falls because as well as seeing a waterfall we read there were caves to explore. We were really happy with our choice. Although the walk took us a lot longer than we expected, and there were a lot more stairs that you could imagine, it was worth it. There was a gorgeous waterfall about half way, and then venturing on takes you to the caves. It was definitely worth it, and so peaceful to be out in nature. 

Do yourself a favour and have dinner from Aireys Fish and Chips. This ended up being my favourite meal of the entire weekend! Everything was so fresh and delicious. I am still thinking about the Fish Souvlaki. In fact we are heading past Airey's Inlet in a few months, and I will be making sure the timing coincides with lunch or dinner. 

Have you ever, ever felt like this? Have strange things happened, Are you going round the twist?  If you recognise those lyrics you probably grew up in the 80s!

You can visit the Split Point Lighthouse at Airey's Inlet whether you are a fan of Round the Twist or not. You can take a (paid for) tour and climb the hundreds of stairs up the skinny staircase seven stories high. It is a guided tour, and a wonderful way to learn about the area and the history of the lighthouse. The view from the top is fantastic! 

Of course you are spoiled for options for beaches in the area! You could spend months exploring them all.

Have you been to Airey's Inlet? Do you have a favourite spot on the Great Ocean Road? Let me know what you think. 










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